Akhil India


Inspired by the noble cause of serving Indian agriculture,AKHIL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a 25 years old company established by the visionary industrialist Mr. Shyamanand Sharma . AIPL engages in the-

• Formulation and marketing of agrochemical products – Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Plant Growth Regulators.
• Hy-brid Seeds for sowing purpose
• Agricultural Knapsack Sprayers .

AIPL began in 1987, establishing a small seed production and trading business in Karloop , a small village in Jammu and Kashmir. In continuance of this entrepreneurial voyage , the idea sprouted as Akhil India and the company was formally incorporated in the year 2000 with seed trading and Agro chemical business.
Currently Akhil India is one of the fastest growing seed trading company in north India with a large network of dealers spread across the northern part of the country.

The company handle 500 varieties of seeds including other companies  varieties and have seed varieties for professional and non professional farmers. Also the company deals in brand new and rare seeds that have been ordered from all over the world.

In 2015, Kashmir chemicals, the sister company of Akhil India Pvt ltd was incorporated in partnership with crop growth India pvt Ltd. It is a manufacturing unit located in Samba ( Jammu and Kashmir).